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How did you select the ingredients used in NutraBoost ?

The secret to NutraBoost's special nutrition is our ingredients - in particular how we select them.

First, our fruits & vegetables were chosen carefully for their exceptional nutrition.

Second, we screened them for freshness, color, flavor and solubility. We look for the highest nutrition with the lowest flavor and color ...and yes ...it exists. Just look at broccolli compared cauliflower. Both have about the same nutrition so we use cauliflower because it's almost colorless.  

Finally, we tested hundreds of fruits and vegetables from around the globe in hundreds of foods and beverages to get just the right combination.

Which are the fruits and vegetables used to make NutraBoost ?            

NutraBoost is made with apple, banana, bell pepper,cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, chicory root, goji berry, kale, lemon, orange peel, pear, tomato, white asparagus.

NutraBoost contains the fruit & vegetable nutrients beta carotene, betain, beta sitosterol, choline, fiber, hesperidin, inulin, lutein, lycopene, protein, tocopherols, zeaxanthin and more at the levels nature intended. No high dosing.

Where are the fruits and vegetables grown ?

The vast majority of our ingredients come from Europe, with some from Asia and South America.

Where is NutraBoost finally made ?

NutraBoost is made in the USA in an FDA inspected, NSF certified facility.

Tell me more about the concentrates you use.                                                  

In addition to whole foods, we also use concentrates in order to keep the bulk, calories and starch levels down. These concentrates are natural and are a distillation of some type of fruit or vegetable (such as beta carotene from carrots). 

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