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NutraBoost is made in the USA in an FDA inspected factory and fully certified by the world's leading testing company





The NSF certification process includes:       

 1. Application - Certification process may begin when a completed application is returned to NSF.       

 2. Formulation Review - The NSF DS Program Office provides confidential review of product formulations and labels and determines appropriate testing.

 3Facility Inspections - Initial facility inspections for certification are conducted by trained NSF field auditors and include a GMP audit and assessment of conformity to NSF policies.

 4. Product Testing - Products intended for certification are obtained by NSF. Products are tested at NSF laboratories to verify conformance to the NSF Dietary Supplement Standard - NSF 173-2001. 

 5. Documentation Reports and Certification:

  • Documentation reports are prepared from the information required for certification. These reports are kept in a secured records room at NSF World Headquarters and at each production location.
  • Certification is awarded after all of the requirements for listing have been successfully completed, signed contracts have been returned, and an Official Listing has been generated. Annual audits and product testing are conducted to insure ongoing compliance.
  • Once a product is certified, the company may begin to use the highly recognized NSF Mark on certified product labels, packaging and promotional materials.